The #1 Secret For Internet Marketing – Pick the Best Auto Responder For You

An Auto responder is the most important tool for Internet marketing success. Auto responders will automatically inform, train, and remind a potential customer he needs your product or service. They do this by sending a sequence of pre-written emails based on a schedule you define in advance.

3 Types Of Auto Responders

You have basically 3 options to meet your auto responder needs: Free Auto responders, pro auto responders, and your own auto responder software. Later in this article, I will present the what I consider to be the best of each auto responder type and why. There are obviously pros and cons for each type of auto responder.

The Chief advantage for free auto responders is they are free. However, free auto responders often put ads unrelated to your message in your Emails which Detracts from your business. The other really big downsides to free auto responders are:

(1) they normally limit the number of subscribers you can have on your list, and
(2) they often limit the number of messages you can use per campaign.

Your second option is to use pro auto responders. In my personal opinion, this is the best option for most online marketers. Pro auto responders tend to offer all the best features with zero maintenance and installation issues and no extraneous advertisements. This frees up your time to focus on marketing and product development. The primary Disadvantage is the cost … Which varies widely. We will discuss this more in a moment.

The third option is to use your own auto responder software. If you use good software, this is also a good option. The price is a one-time expense, but you have to know a fair amount about software and fixing it when your Internet Service Provider changes settings which can be annoying and sometimes baffling.

How To Select The Best Auto Responder For Your Business

Determining which auto responder is best for your business starts with understanding how you plan to use it and understanding the various features available. If you do not fully understand the features of auto responders, you should read the Features article available at the link below.

So, how do you plan to use your auto responder, and what features do you value most? Do plan to build a enormous list of subscribers? If you plan to build a huge list and cost matters to you, you absolutely need an auto responder that does not limit the number of subscribers per email campaign and does not raise prices as your list of subscribers grows.

Do you expect to write one sequence of emails (i.E., campaign) or do you plan to write more than one? If you think you may want more than three campaigns, you need to select a service with unlimited campaigns.

How many emails do you plan to have in your campaigns? Pretty much all auto responders let you have up to 10 emails per campaign. If you want more than 10 emails, free responders are basically not an option.

Do you need broadcasting? There is so much power in broadcasting, I would recommend you do not second guess this one; just make sure you have it.

Do you have good computer programming skills and does your web host provider limit the number of emails you send per hour or per day? If you are uncomfortable with programming, prefer not to spend time on installations, or have any email limits from your web host provider, you should probably avoid autoresponder software you install and maintain yourself.

Are other advertising options such as FFA pages, banner advertising, ad-tracking, and guaranteed traffic is valuable to your business, you should consider an autoresponder that includes all of these features or at least the ones most important to you.

Are you interested in making additional money by referring others to join your autoresponder service? If so, look over the referral commission opportunities.

Finally, all businesses strive to minimize costs. So you should also consider joining an auto responder service that offers override commissions if you refer others to join the service. Many such services essentially let you ride for free if you refer 3 other accounts. If you refer more than 3 or if your referrals make referrals, you can even earn money from your autoresponder service.

By Dr. Bryan Stoker. Read more about Auto Responders, and browse Dr. Stoker’s directory of free ebooks, courses, and software at

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Time, Price, Or Convenience? Choose an Auto Transport Company That Offers All Three

Cars are made for driving, so why would you pay to ship one somewhere?

There are as many reasons to use an auto transport company as there are vehicles to be shipped. Maybe you bought your dream car on eBay – but you’re in South Carolina and the car is in San Francisco. Perhaps you landed your dream job in San Francisco, but your car is parked at your parents’ house in Nashville. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to spend on a cross-country drive.

An auto transport company is a great solution in these – and many other situations.

Choose carefully when you’re selecting a car shipping company. Some offer just one shipping option: take it or leave it. That type of “one size fits all” strategy is easier for the company, but certainly doesn’t benefit most customers.

Evaluate Pickup and Delivery Options

Most auto transport customers have three major concerns: price, pickup/delivery date, and vehicle safety. Also consider the flexibility of options offered to you – as well as your own flexibility with timing and location. Ideally, you should be able to pick and choose between options and create a custom package that fits your needs – and your budget!

These three options are common throughout the auto transport industry:

1. Door-to-door Service: The vehicle is picked up at your home or office and delivered directly to your door at the destination point.

Depending on your neighborhood and street layout, this option isn’t always available. The auto transport company may ask to meet you at a local mall, large retail store, or other location with a parking lot large enough to accommodate the transport truck.

2. Date-specific Pickup and/or Delivery: The vehicle is picked up and/or delivered on a specific day or 1-2 day window.

If you have time constraints, it’s often best to work with an auto transport carrier with its own fleet of trucks or one who contracts with dedicated shippers. An auto transport broker arranges shipments and acts as the agent between customers and shippers. Brokers often can’t guarantee dates unless the auto shipper they contract with is willing to do so.

3. Same-Truck Shipping: The auto transport company may have its own definition for this term. It sounds as though they load your car on a truck where it sits snugly in place until delivery. Since each load/unload has the slight possibility of damaging the vehicle, this sounds like the safest shipping option.

It’s not that easy though. Car shippers may make several pickups and deliveries between the time when your car is loaded and the day it’s delivered. Your car may travel on the same truck, but could be loaded and unloaded several times as the driver balances the load, adds vehicles, or delivers them.

A high-volume auto transport company is more likely to be able to consolidate shipments to minimize loads and unloads. During extremely busy shipping times, it’s often possible for them to load a truck and drive straight through to the destination. That allows all cars to stay in one place for the entire trip.

During slower periods, larger companies still work to minimize load and unloads. For instance, instead of driving directly from New York to Los Angeles, the truck may make one stop in Chicago instead of 3-4 additional stops along the way.

Flexibility Is Important When You’re On A Budget
You may be surprised at how much you can save on shipping costs if you can be flexible about pickup and delivery dates. If timing isn’t critical to your vehicle shipment, ask the auto transport company about budget car shipping options.

For instance, at DAS Auto Shippers, we offer a both a “Flexible Pickup and Delivery” option and a “Budget Pickup & Delivery” option. With the “Flexible” option, customers receive a window of days during which their vehicle will be picked up and delivered. The “Budget” option offers a “bare bones” move for budget conscious customers who are able to drop off their vehicle and pick it up at one of our 100 Shipping Centers around the country. Other auto transport companies may offer similar programs: ask when you call.

It’s important to know exactly what sort of service you’re buying, so do your homework before selecting a car shipping company. A little research before the move can save you a lot of worry and headaches during and after the move. At a minimum, you need to know the price, dates involved, estimated transport time, pickup and delivery specifications, and method of transport.

Once you find the right package with a reliable auto transport company, you can relax and let someone else do the driving.

“At Your Service” Options Let Customers Choose
DAS Auto Shippers recently implemented a program that allows customers to customize their auto transport experience. We offer three options:

o Date Specific Pickup & Delivery: We dispatch a local pickup from one of our shipping centers to meet your specific pickup or delivery date.

o Flexible Pickup & Delivery: We give you a window of says for pickup and delivery. This is a good option for customers on a budget who are flexible about timing.

o Budget Pickup & Delivery: This is a “bare bones” move for budget customers. You can pickup/deliver your car at one of our 100 Shipping Centers.

We works to help customers stay within their budget; yet ship their vehicle with confidence. DAS Auto Shippers’ fleet of 150 trucks and 96 terminals nationwide allows us to track your car’s progress and safeguard the security of your vehicle.

It’s important to know exactly what sort of service you’re buying, so do your homework before selecting a car shipping company. A little research before the move can save you a lot of worry and headaches during and after the move. At a minimum, you need to know the price, dates involved, estimated transport time, pickup and delivery specifications, and method of transport.

Choose the option that’s right for you, and let us do the driving for you.

Dean B. Xeros is the Vice President of Dependable Auto Shippers (DAS). DAS has been providing reliable auto transport services since 1954. Contact DAS for all your car shipping needs at or call 866-298-4221.

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Auto Brokers – Friend Or Foe?

Once you discover what auto brokers are and what they can do for you… it may be to your advantage to consider a new way to purchase your next new or used vehicle.

  • Despite the economic downturn, many people are still planning to buy new and used cars these days, but some of them do not seem to have time, experience, or interest to deal with car retailers.
  • There are numerous auto brokers who may be able to help you get the best car deal without hassle. However, not all auto brokers are reliable, and you may find yourself wondering if a broker is a friend or foe.

One of the benefits of hiring a broker is to eliminate the need of having to go from one dealership to another to find the best bargain. They have the expertise to help you get the best deals, even those that are hard to find.

The process is somewhat simple.

  • All you have to do is to tell them what kind of car you are looking for, and after a few days, they will come back to you and show you the best options.
  • This service comes with a cost, of course.
  • The truth is car buying is a long process, and it will take time and experience, but auto brokers can get the job done for you.

Auto consultants are more than just middlemen. The reliable ones will see to it that dealers will not take advantage of consumers. They are familiar with different aspects of car buying, such as car financing, taxes, insurance, and more.

They are also aware of insider information such as incentives and car dealers’ secrets. The advantage of engaging auto brokers is that they are well-informed about the car market, and they will do thorough research to find the best car prices.

  1. They also have exceptional negotiating skills to help you get the best deals.
  2. To hire most auto brokers, you have to pay a broker fee. This fee is dependent on the kind of service that you require. Keep in mind that you are paying for the money and time that you will be able to save.
  3. Also, you may be paying for a higher quality car. Most of the car buyers who hire an auto consultant will have be able to gain considerable savings, and they will have a more pleasant car buying experience as well.
  4. There are auto consultants who do not charge a flat fee. They are paid from the dealer because they are buying at dealer cost and selling the vehicle to you at a substantial savings that is usually less than retail. This is the same for used vehicles too.

If you are not confident that you will get a good deal by going straight to a car dealer, it is advisable that you hire an auto broker.

  • As a reality check, auto consultants may not be the friend that you wish they are. Some people are of the opinion that auto brokers interfere with the business of car buying.
  • There are others who believe that going to auto brokers may not help them get the best deals. If you are an informed buyer, it is likely that you will be able to get a good car at a good price yourself, and you do not really need an auto broker.
  • However, do consider that most auto consultants are professionals that deal in the purchase and sale of vehicles everyday and are familiar with the industry inside and out. This can be a real advantage to you in getting the best deal.

It is important that you have some knowledge of the type of car you want to buy before you hire an auto broker, because some auto brokers may not provide you with honest information about a car. Interview your broker before you decide to do business with them. Trust your intuition and go with the one that feels right for you. Ask them if they have your best interest at heart and how they work for you.

You will know from their answers if you should do business with them or keep looking. Good luck and happy motoring.

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more, Click Here… we have the antidote for your car buying blues.

Discover how this company from Colorado is changing the retail auto industry. You will love this new system for getting your next vehicle.

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Finding Quick Bankruptcy Auto Loans

People who are looking for bankruptcy auto loans often do not know where to go to find a car. They may go to regular car lots and find that they are unable to qualify for an auto loan. This is because a bankruptcy creates a significant decrease in an individual’s credit score.

Most financing institutions base the qualification of an individual for a loan on their credit score. There are, however, some options when one is looking for bankruptcy auto loans that may take some research and time, but can prove successful.

It is much less depressing to find auto dealerships that have specific plans for rebuilding credit before shopping for a vehicle. In most cases one will find that large, new car dealerships do not have financing available for individuals who are seeking bankruptcy auto loans. In today’s economy, there are very few lending institutions who finance vehicles to individuals who have poor credit. So finding those dealers who do have plans which are created for poor to no credit buyers saves a lot of time.

There are some auto dealers that finance loans themselves. This appears in ads as “we carry out own paper.” It is important to be aware that many of these types of dealers make their money by selling cars that are only worth the down payment that is paid and then repossessing the car when one payment is late or missed. They then resell the car using the same strategy. Take the time to check out all of the car dealers that are being considered to find out their reputation and reliability. This is especially important regarding bankruptcy auto loans.

Using an auto dealer that works through finance companies that provide bankruptcy auto loans requires that an individual find out the name of the company and check them out thoroughly before signing a contract. Many of these companies prey on people who are desperate to get an auto loan and will take advantage of the person getting the loan.

The interest rate on bankruptcy auto loans varies between lenders and a person wants to find the best interest rate available. In addition, one does not want to get a loan that will take longer to pay off than the car will last. Most cars sold under this type of financing have serious issues and one wants to get an unbiased mechanic’s opinion before purchasing the vehicle to make sure that there are no expensive repairs that will need to be made on the vehicle shortly after purchase.

One of the requirements to get bankruptcy auto loans is that there be a good reason for the bankruptcy. If there was a medical catastrophe or some other significant event this is usually taken into consideration by the finance company. However if there is a history of late payments or no-payment of loans on an individual’s credit history they will find that even a loan to rebuild credit will be difficult to get.

Bankruptcy auto loans can be used to rebuild credit and improve a credit score. However it will require extra caution and diligence to make sure that the repayment plan is one that can be met. In most cases if an individual purchases a vehicle with at least half of the down payment they will be able to get an interest rate that they can afford. Making a big purchase after a bankruptcy requires thought, consideration and planning before one begins to build credit with large purchases.

Quin has been issuing bankruptcy auto loans for over 10 years. Also if you are involved in a car accident injury claim, make sure to know what you are doing so that you won’t get taken advantage of.

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How and Why You Should Get Various Auto Insurance Quotes

Remember, how carefully you had saved money through the months, just so that you could purchase that dream auto? Did you dream about your auto for a while? Do you remember what you were imagining before you bought your auto? Owning your own car helps; you can use it to travel to different places along with your family, and you don’t have to be constricted with the difficulties of public transporting either. Nevertheless how can you make sure that the health of your car will survive perfectly when you own it? One way or another, there are exposures of being involved in an accident and damaging your precious car. Yet when was the last time you checked on the auto insurance quotes?

When you get in to an auto accident and if you do not have car insurance you may have to shell out a good sum of money to have your auto repaired. Just because you drive safely does not necessarily mean that you are not going to get in to an accident. If the person around you is a bad driver, he or she may cause an accident and make a mess out of it. This is one of the main reasons why you should get auto policy. There are different other reasons why you should get your auto insurance and theft is one of the important ones. Unless your auto along with its accessories do not possess insurance and a theft, you maybe considerable amount of money or left high and dry. Nevertheless, these are not the only reasons why people consider when selecting an insurance policy.

Most people get a little confused when they encounter different types of auto insurance policies. They just cannot conclude which policies is best suited for their needs. They encounter the 1st party insurance, the 3rd party insurance, and comprehensive auto insurance. These different types of auto insurances puzzle most people. It is recommended that you should consider spending some time investigating the different kinds of coverages that are available for your needs. Checking different websites that delivers auto insurance is a good idea, and calling an insurance agent at any organization who provides different companies as well.

There are many things that can help you to get a competitive auto insurance quote. If you hold an unblemished license and have never faced an accident, chances are that you can secure a competitive quote. You should also keep in mind that the accessories that you install in your auto adds up the auto insurance rates. Avoid installing accessories that are not required by you. Ensure that the health of your vehicle is maintained by by the manufacturer’s recommendations. This should without a doubt receive a lower auto insurance.

Operating an auto that is not covered by proper insurance is nothing but an invitation to a big trouble. If you wish to protect your property as well as yourself, and enjoy years of fun with your auto, you should have it insured by making a selection of the best coverage which is competitive and suitable for your personal needs. This usually means getting various auto insurance quotes from different carriers and comparing them carefully.

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It is quick, easy and you get quite a few insurance quotes from a lot of companies to make your comparison.

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